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2:00pm-Doors Open
3:00pm-Stage Contest
Judging/ Fine line , Mandal  & Worst Tattoo
6:00pm- Judging Full Leg
7:00pmCabaret Calgary
8:00pm- Auzzy Blood Live 
9:30pm-Cabaret Calgary
10:00pm  - Stage Contest

10:30pm- JudgingFull Arm
11:00pm - Judging/
Tattoo of the day 
12:00pm-Doors Close


12:00pm -Doors Open

3:00pm - Stage Contest

5:00pm -
Auzzy Blood Live

6:00pm - Hot Wing  Challenge/ Wing Contest

7:00pm Judging/ Traditional  & Neo Traditional Tattoo

8:00pm - Auzzy Blood Live 

9:00pm -Judging/ Sm,Med, Large  Color Tattoo 

10:30pm - Tattoo of the day

11:00pm - Doors close


12:00pm-Doors Open
1:00pm-Stage Contest
2:00pm-Stage Contest
Small,Med,Lg Black & Grey
5:00pm-  Judging/ Realism
Tattoo & Floral Tattoo

6:00pm -  Judging/
Tattoo of the day
Best in Show
7:00pm- Doors Close





Performance & Contest Times May be subject To Change due to unforeseen circumstances

All Tattoos entered Must Be Done By an Attending Artist

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