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 2023 Competition information 

            ALL Tattoos entered must be done by an Attending Artist               


Tattoo of the Day (Friday, Saturday & Sunday)

Tattoo must be done at the show on the day entered

Collaboration (Friday & Saturday Only)

2 Days, 2 Artists, 1 Client ~ To enter you must start your piece at the show and finish by judging time on Saturday / No early start times allowed

Best of Show (Awarded Sunday)

Each winner for Best of Day will automatically be entered in best of show. Any tattoo done during the event may also enter in this Category

Best Multi Day Tattoo

Any tattoo that has been done over the course 2~3 days by one or more artists

Friday Categories:

Tiny Tattoo ( anything under 4 inches)

X Rated

Tattoo Of the day

Saturday Categories:

Small Black & Grey

Medium Black & Grey

Large Black & Grey


Tattoo of the day

Sunday Categories:

Small Color Tattoo

Medium Color tattoo

Large Color Tattoo

Best multi day tattoo

Tattoo Of The Day

Best In show (Winner will receive over $2500.00 in Cash & Prizes) 

              ~ schedule coming soon!! ~


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RD2023 Show Badge.jpg
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