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         ~2022 Gala Artists~         

Showcasing Talent from Across the globe for your enjoyment

         ~ Introducing ~         

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Scottie Ford

Fine Art, Oil Painting, Graphite and mixed media Artist



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After attending Alberta college of art from 1991 to 1994 Scottie turned to tattooing in February of 2000, joining Valhalla Tattoos in Regina.
He then moved to Calgary in February of 2001 and continued to tattoo for the next 3 years at Symbols Of Strength..

(now known as Immaculate Concept.)
From there he pushed his career for the next 13 years working alongside Paul Jeffries at The Smiling Buddha Tattoo in Calgary, Alberta

Still residing in Calgary you can currently find him with the crew at Parlour Tattoo Studio. Dividing his time between tattooing and the fine arts of contemporary oil painting with a base style influenced by cubism and surrealism.

         ~ Introducing ~         

Kale Barr

Abstract , Sketchbook Pop Art Artist



Kale Barr.jpg

Helvetica Light is an easy-to-read font, with tall and narrow letters, that works well on almost every site.

Kale Barr is a Canadian artist living and working in Calgary, Alberta. Kale’s dream-like abstract expressionist paintings are inspired by a combination of his real-life experiences and the transformative nature of his surroundings.

Kale is a full time artist who draws inspiration from Jackson-Pollock, Jean-Michel Basquiat and George Condo.

         ~ Introducing ~         


Jime Litwalk

Tattooist, Illustrator, Digital Art Artist



Jime Litwalk is a Famous tattoo artist currently living in Orlando Florida. He was featured in season three and season seven of Ink Master as well as the Christmas special Merry Ink.

With over 25 years of tattooing and traveling the International Tattoo Circuit, His tattoo and illustration career has brought him numerous awards, magazine mentions and feature articles. While he is comfortable tattooing in almost any genre, Jime's passion is in his signature animated 'classic new skool' style. 

         ~ Introducing ~         


Big Ceeze

Tattooist, Airbrush, Illustrative Artist



BIg Ceeze was born and raised in East Los Angeles.

Featured in Season Six of Ink Master he he has been tattooing for the past 26 years and is currently living in Lake Elsinore Ca, Owner of Mi Familia Tattoo Studio In Anaheim and Lake Elsinore, Ca 

He started drawing at the age of 5, his Uncle who was an artist was a huge influence in his life, After losing him to a drunk driver, when he was 15, he then turned to gang banging and drug dealing, later finding Christianity and changing his life.

he started as an Airbrush artist at 17 years old and continues to use that as his choice of medium.

now his passion is God, family and tattooing!!!! 

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