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 Have you reserved your booth? 

~Red Deer Tattoo Show & Gala~
June 10th to 12th 2022

Introducing Red Deer’s first ever Tattoo Show & Gala

June 10th thru 12th 2022 at Westerners Park in the Parkland Pavilion.

Bringing together a true collection of artists from across the globe to engage and display their talent.

We are excited to invite you to join this year’s Gala!!
Having limited space, If you would like to lock down your 2022 spot, 

you can pay a deposit at this time.

Full payment Due March 31st, 2022 or deposit will be forfeited. 

To apply for booth Fill please out Booth application 

      Applications Closed/ we are full  


~Booth Application~

Thanks for registering to our event!

Once your space is approved we will discuss payment options

For more information on the convention, please contact

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